After thoughts from… Dollhouse

May Contain Spoilers

In my opinion, one of the most well rounded series there is. There is so much I adore about the Dollhouse. This is one to have on your shelve. Created by genius Joss Whedon, Dollhouse has to be one of the most unique for character roles and story. Sadly, it was cancelled after two series.

Why was the series cancelled? Well I’m sure it takes a few factors to cancel a series: ratings, audience appeal, confidence as a commercial product, to name a few. I think it does what a few too many series do, which is leave the audience hanging for too long. Maybe there were a few nothingy episodes. But I still think if you stick at it, it does pay off. I also think the show says a lot about identity, false identity and there are some great examples of character self awareness.


The think the acting…

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