Bury The Past

Chocolate Vent

“Walk in newness of life…” Romans 6:4 NJKV

Some people stay up until midnight to welcome the New Year. Others stay up to make sure the old year leaves! Seriously, as you enter this New Year you can’t afford to let your past infect your present, or sabotage your future. That’s why certain things that refuse to be healed, must be forsaken and forgotten!

There are people praising God in church every Sunday who lie awake in the privacy of their homes digging up bones, picking at scars and reliving old memories. You need to accept that some issues will never be resolved, and if you let them they’ll take up residence in your head.

Thank God Paul was honest enough to admit that he still struggled in certain areas. Unlike those with a pharisaical spirit who condemn others for doing the very things they do themselves, Paul says, “I…

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