Children & Technology: digital time for 0-3 year olds?

Expat Child Psychology

In this first blog of the Children & Technology series, the length of time a baby or toddler uses technology will be discussed. More questions will be answered in following blogs.

How long should I allow my baby/toddler to use digital resources?
Studies to the length of time children use digital resources have been published often. Some studies found that about 75% of children younger than 6 years old spend time behind a screen on a daily basis, and they do so for two hours on average. In the Netherlands,  Mijn Kind Online found that one out of every three infants plays with a tablet regularly or often.

However, this does not say whether it is right or wrong. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children younger than two should not watch television and screen time for older children should be limited to 1-2 hours of educational use daily…

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