Dandy’s ‘Picture This’ App Had A 30 Day Development Cycle On iOS, 45 Days For Cross-Platform


Waterloo-based startup Dandy wants to be a place where app creators can come together to ship software, without having to start their own company. At CES this year, the startup brought its first marquee title – Picture This, an app with photo challenges conceived by student and Dandy community member Niger Little-Poole. Little-Poole won a contest and sparked a whirlwind of development, according to Dandy CEO Matt Scobel.

“He submitted as just a couple paragraphs of explanation, and we didn’t actually pick the idea until November 21,” Scobel explained in an interview. “We actually had to submit to Apple December 21st because of the shut down. So less than 30 days on iOS from concept to app, and the rest of the platforms around 45 days basically.”

Nor did Dandy take the easy way out and use something like PhoneGap to get its software on different devices.

“We did native…

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