Downton Abbey: Gambling, Rape, and Babies, Oh My!

Vegan Cinephile

Downton Abbey Series 4

Disclaimer: Spoilers included

I have been trying to watch this season live rather than DVRing it and watching it later, but I can’t resist.  The series seems so short that I want to try and make it last, but there’s something about watching it live with an online community of people that makes it so much more fun!  The series opens in 1922 – a far cry from the Titanic era in which they began.  We aren’t yet at the height of the roaring twenties, but we are getting there.  And the costumes, for one, are definitely emerging from their more conservative shells, little by little.

A few things I’ve noticed during the first two episodes of Series 4:

The theme song still gives me chills every time.

Mary and Matthew’s baby’s name is George? Wow, that’s a popular British name this year.

I am obsessed with the color of…

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