How to make butter and soy sauce Mochi – Butter Shoyu Mochi Recire

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We normally eat Mochi on New year season, so prepared them at the end of year then stoch dried Mochi.
( Or you can buy dried plain Mochi) from Japanese market)

Then now, the holiday is over and we still have some leftovers.
We’ve already had them a lot with popular taste (Anko, Kinako etc) so I like to cook them with something different way.

Today’s recipe is one of my husband’s favorite – if you like Mochi, please try it since it’s super yum!

2 pieces of Kiri Mochi (dried Mochi)
1 Tbs of butter
1 Tes. of soy sauce

1. Place butter in a pan and cook Mochi both sides until it became soft.


2. Add soy sauce and cook for 30secs.


3. Cut the Nori sheets into small pieces then wrap the Mochi.



4. Enjoy it during it’s hot ❤

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