How to make Kusa-mochi – Japanese mugwort rice cake Recipe

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Do you like sweets Mochi?
If you do, this recipe is for you today 🙂
During winter holiday, I made some sweets for my family, it’s alyays nice to share the home made food/sweets with peaple you love.

Kusa mochi is green color mochi, because of Yomogi leaves(mugword) and there’re Anko inside.


When I was kid, I went out with my mom to pick up Yomogi leaves to make this sweets, but I can’t do that now in Tokyo since there’re no Yomogi around you. It’s very sad.
So I bought dried Yomogi at market this time.

Ingredients( 8 servings):
200g Joshin-ko 上新粉 (Japanese top grade rice flour)
20g sugar
about 200cc warm water

2Tbs. of Yomogi powder
2 Tbs. water

about 250g Anko paste

1. Combine Joshin-ko and sugar in a bowl. Add the warm water little by little until the dough became earlobe texture then mix well.

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