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Julia Kuzmenko McKim 2

Coming across a female photographer that is articulate, focused, beautifully talented and intelligent is such a gem to find.  Originally from Russia and now residing in the heart of Los Angeles, this artist represents a wonderful balance of educator, creative and mentor.  Meet Beauty Photographer, Retoucher and Digital Artist, Julia Kuzmenko.

Being an International College of Professional Photography graduate, Julia specializes in Beauty and Fashion with a special skill in retouching.  She’s been published in major international publications throughout the fashion and photography industry that represent her various shooting and post-processing techniques.  And once you see her work, you’ll know exactly what consistent and beautiful techniques I speak of.


“I think because I am a female photographer I am not hooked up on possessing the newest equipment that’s out there. I do believe, however, that great quality camera and lenses make a big difference for the quality of…

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Julia Kuzmenko – Photographer of the Week


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