Milk and Cookies makes it to television on the Expresso Show

Milk and Cookies

On Tuesday I woke up completely unsuspecting, went to work and was asked if on Thursday I could be on the Expresso Show on SABC.  I hesitated because I was nervous as I am with most things I’m afraid of (which is a lot of things) but I had to say yes. And, obviously I did.

Expresso Show January 2014   Milk and Cookies SA

The ‘feel good morning show’ airs daily from 6:00 – 8:30 on SABC 3, which if you don’t have access to you can visit their website to find out more about the breakfast show and their clips, recipes, celebs and spunky upbeat segments.

They have local and international guests on, chefs cooking, movie reviews, and pretty much all topics to shoot the shit and be there in your home while you get ready for work.

After waking up at 5am, I scooted my nearly awake self to the Sea Point studios for some on-air…

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