Protesting Taxi Drivers Attack Uber Car Near Paris


Taxi drivers attacked an Uber car while protesting near Charles-de-Gaulle Airport earlier today — the protesters smashed a window, damaged the car hood and slashed a tire. Rude Baguette first spotted the attack on Twitter. We also confirmed with the passengers and Uber that the incident is very real. Nobody got hurt, but the attack was very violent.

Eventbrite co-founder and CTO Renaud Visage, and Five by Five co-founder Kat Borlongan were the two passengers.

“We are more shaken up than hurt,” Visage told me. “We are still in shock because of how violent the attack was.”

This morning, hundreds of taxi drivers were protesting near Paris airports against urban transportation services, such as Uber, LeCab, Chauffeur-Privé, Drive, Snapcar and Allocab. They demand a series of laws due to unfair competition — in France, you have to pay a hefty price to get your taxi license. According to them, being…

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