Teasing in the workplace: The case study of Matt Damon at the Golden Globes


The Golden Globes is the ultimate good-time awards show. It’s funny, irreverent, full of drunkards, curmudgeons and egotists, as well as serving as a grand networking opportunity.  And while it is a bit of a circus, with teleprompters not working, it is actually an important first step in the road to Oscar gold. Have a good showing here and some may have a grand payoff at the Oscars-the end all be all of award shows. Win an Oscar your career can take off like a rocket ship, unless you are Cuba Gooding Jr. I tease, I tease. Not really. The Golden Globes, just like many workplaces and in particular non-profits, may be zany but carries an important weight. Furthermore, because of this anything goes atmosphere, the Golden Globes, just like the non-profit workplace, is rife with acts of teasing.  I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that the Red…

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