After thoughts about… Memento

May Contain Spoilers

Wow!!! Just wow!!! Thinking about it, Memento is one of the most intelligent and unique films. The way it uses it’s story is so fully formed and there is a nice sense of full circle.


However when it ended “Wow” wasn’t my first reaction. It was more along the lines “Has it finished yet?” and was because I got bored. Yes it was brilliant and I don’t think there are many films like it, but I didn’t care. And I think I got bored for the same reason I think it so original: the story structure.

I think the story technique running through Memento creates a predictability about it. There was no doubt of how it was going to end.

* * * Spoilers * * *

If you study how Memento uses non-linear structure compared to Once Upon a Time, I think you’ll see two different stages of development…

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