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This miniseries was inspired by Kate Shrewsday’s post here: http://kateshrewsday.com/2014/01/06/dragon-slayers-and-knuckerholes/

Historians argue about initial sightings of the New World. Few people really believe Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492, especially given that people had already been living here for centuries.

But how did they get here? Who from the outside (or from ‘off’ as we would say in Charleston) saw them first?

Most historians agree that the Native Americans migrated over a land bridge from Siberia to modern day Alaska. The earth was cooler then; the seas lower. Maybe they didn’t even realize how far they wandered, until the ocean cut them off from their former home.

They were fruitful. They multiplied. They spread all over the crannies of two continents.

Yet, some of their rituals didn’t fit with where they came from. They built ziggurat-like structures that were somewhat Phoenician.One historian devoted a…

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