Messaging App Wordeo Blends Text With Getty Stock Footage To Take Video Messaging More Mainstream


Thought there were enough ways to express your feelings in pixels already? Think again. A new video messaging app called Wordeo is landing on the iOS App Store today that lets you illustrate the content of a text message with a series of related video clips.

In each Wordeo, the words of your text message are overlaid atop a montage of video footage, typically one significant word at a time. The resulting video message can be viewed within the app — or via — or shared out to other social media sites. (Words plus video = wordeo; yes, see what they did there?) 

Wordeo is a U.K. startup, founded by ex-Apple global retail development exec David Bailey back in September 2012. So far it’s raised a “mid-seven figure sum” from a group of undisclosed early stage Angel investors to launch this video messaging play.

Why is this messaging startup focusing…

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