More Misogigamankai at Kanda Shrine

Tokyobling's Blog

More photos from the Endurance/purification ceremony at Tokyo’s Kanda Shrine (Kanda Myojin) the other day. Although I am usually all for immersing myself in my adopted culture this is one habit that I will refrain from. Most of the participants where shaking as they stood waiting for their turn and even the leader of the group, who spent over half an hour standing in the ice water while keeping an eye on the bathers must have been suffering greatly. The funniest incident of the day was at the end, after the one hour long ordeal when the obligatory group photos was to be taken. Everyone lined up smartly, with the new 20 year olds at the front, and as usual the news media photographers where fiddling with their equipment. It didn’t take many seconds for one of the girls to shout “just get on with it!” to the photographers. Much…

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