Startup Institute Comes To London & Berlin — Pay To Learn How To Become Startup Employee Material


Ok, this is a new concept to me. Already running in Boston, New York and Chicago, Startup Institute — which calls itself a “career accelerator” — is expanding to London and Berlin, to help plug skills gaps in the two cities’ fast-growing startup scenes. Targeting recent graduates, young professionals and “career changers”, it aims to teach the skills needed to become startup employee material — via an “industry-built” curriculum that will be responsive to the exact needs of the hiring partners that work directly with Startup Institute.

Noteworthy is that students taking the 8 week course pay a not-insignificant tuition fee for the privilege, even if they get a kickback should they go on to be recruited by one of the partnering startups. Part startup employee finishing school, part recruitment funnel, might be another way of describing the program. With many tech companies, large and small, desperate to hire talent…

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